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Day Four – Morning

Posted by MrsVance on June 28, 2007

Sometime on Tuesday I drifted into total overload. I was not able to process anything more and I shifted into recording mode. It is now Thursday, NECC is over and I have had time to sleep, go walking and think. I woke up during the night several times with new thoughts and ideas bubbling around. But before I go there, I want to finish documenting what I remember about the specific workshops and sessions.

Engaging Staff & Students Using Web 2.0 Tools for Collaboration by Susan Brooks-Young – Tuesday 8:30 – 11:30
Susan has not forgotten what it means to be an educator. Her workshop was well planned and she did not try to cover too much. There was a nice mix of lecture and hands-on activities.

My Notes
The Silent Epidemic report by Civic Enterprises (2006) Report on the problem of students dropping out of school. Unique in that they asked the students for their opinion of why they dropped out. Found widespread disengagement, and apathy. They felt they would have liked more discipline and academic rigor.

What is Web 2.0 – transition of the WWW from a collection of websites to a full-fledged computing platform serving web applications to end users.

Tools used in workshop – Graffiti Boards, Google Docs and Spreadsheets and Zoho Show.

When teaching to others (teachers or students) make sure you have sample documents created.

When working in DOCS agree upon some conventions – using a specific color for comments etc.

ZOHO show – a little clunky – recommend creating in power point and uploading into ZOHO

Look at Think Free on own time – most sophisticated of the online Office things –

Look at Susan’s site for a Wiki space about Free tools for educators.

The real power of Susan’s workshop is that she practiced what we have all been preaching all week… collaborative learning, authentic experiences etc. She put us in groups and we edited a document and spreadsheet together. But we did not know who was in our group. So when editing the document we had to somehow communicate who we were to our fellow group members. To use the graffiti boards we sat with a group and wrote on the graffiti boards while other groups edited at the same time.

I will definitely do more with docs and spreadsheets after this workshop. Not sure about the other tools. I am not sure the graffiti board is quite ready for prime time.

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One Response to “Day Four – Morning”

  1. Thanks for posting your thoughts about Tuesday’s workshop. I was hoping to create an environment where folks could get some information, spend some time collaborating to try out a few tools, and walk away with resources they can explore on an on-going basis. Sounds as though we hit the mark!

    You’re right about the Graffiti Boards. When I went back to capture comments for a summary, someone had already accidentally erased the first board! But the rest of the comments were there and are now safely archived in a downloadable file. Interestingly, I was contacted by one of skrbl’s developers who wanted feedback. I’m going to ask him to think about a way that graffiti could be captured then locked so that can’t happen.

    Hope the rest of your time at NECC was good!

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