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A Giddy Beginning

Posted by MrsVance on August 22, 2007

Yesterday was the first day of school!! I feel like dancing! It was great! I can’t wait to get through all of the boring icky stuff of establishing the routines and procedures that will make the year flow smoothly. I want to move on – to using all of the spectacular tools I have spent hundreds of hours installing and configuring and planning for. I want to dive into Chris Craft’s LifeRoundHere project. I don’t want to have to wait for permission slips to come back so we can go on a walking tour of the neighborhood to take pictures.

Perhaps it is wishful thinking, but I believe the kids sense my excitement. I think they are helping me to get through what must be gotten through because they want to get to what’s next also… Maybe?


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21st Century Goals for 07 – 08

Posted by MrsVance on August 16, 2007

First Quarter – Help my students find an audience. Submit Teammates podcast project and Yearbook project to SOITA conference and eTech Ohio conference. Participate in Chris Craft’s digital story-telling project

Second Quarter – Establish online presence. Each teacher will have established an online presence. Students in grades 4 – 7 will begin to establish an academic online presence. Every student in eighth grade will have established an academic online presence that can be used when applying to high schools and scholarships.

Third and Fourth Quarter – Develop relationship with a class in another country and complete a collaborative project.

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IT’s got to work the first day

Posted by MrsVance on August 16, 2007

With only a little more than five days until school starts I am starting to feel really stressed about how much remains to finish. We have been very blessed to be able to update some outdated equipment and begin to accumulate a mobile tablet lab. But all of this wonderfulness needs to be installed and configured and made ready for August 21. Today it seemed that fate was conspiring to keep me from accomplishing much… My trusty boot disk died in the middle of ghosting the classroom computers. Late registering students stopped in for Star Reading and Math assessments. Teachers and staff needed email accounts set up and passwords reset. And I have planning and set-up yet to finish for my sixth grade class. I feel great pressure to finish up the technologist role and spend more time in my teacher role. But the technology part must be done right. All of the technology has to flat-out-just-work on the first day of school. There is a real energy among the teachers to make technology a real part of their classes this year. I am desperate that I not impede their enthusiasm with unreliable technology at the beginning of the school year.

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Posted by MrsVance on August 6, 2007

Did You Know 2.0

How am I addressing this in my planning for 07-08??

‘This’ was the Did You Know 2.0 video mentioned by Chris Lehmann on his July 31 Practical Theory blog entry. I want to show this to my students. But the post is on YouTube which is blocked at school. I thought posting it on my blog would fix the problem. Alas, no. However, I may be able to download a copy from Karl Fisch’s blog, The Fischbowl. My first try was unsuccessful – got the music but not the slides – kind of pointless.

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