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Posted by MrsVance on August 6, 2007

Did You Know 2.0

How am I addressing this in my planning for 07-08??

‘This’ was the Did You Know 2.0 video mentioned by Chris Lehmann on his July 31 Practical Theory blog entry. I want to show this to my students. But the post is on YouTube which is blocked at school. I thought posting it on my blog would fix the problem. Alas, no. However, I may be able to download a copy from Karl Fisch’s blog, The Fischbowl. My first try was unsuccessful – got the music but not the slides – kind of pointless.

4 Responses to “”

  1. There are also some tools out there that allow you to download YouTube videos to your hard drive. Here’s one:

  2. Karl Fisch said

    There are links to downloadable versions of both version 1 and version 2 at You should be able to download and then play from your computer.

  3. Karl Fisch said

    Oops, it included the period in the hyperlink – try this one

  4. kvance said

    Thank you both for the suggestions. I have not been able to get back to work on this yet – these last two weeks before school starts are…

    I’m sure you know.

    Anyway, thanks!

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