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Shushing the teachers…

Posted by MrsVance on October 12, 2007

Last week I ran a training session on Word 2007 for some of the teachers at my school. Overall things went very well.

Anyone who has spent time in meetings and training with teachers could certainly predict that at some point the teachers began to chat amongst themselves. Maybe this happens just as frequently in other professions, but I do not think so.

This training session was in my regular computer lab, using my regular tools, with bodies in the normal seats. At some point I registered that there was too much noise in ‘my room’ and I emitted a series of ‘shush, shush, shush’ sounds. It was a reflex. And I was really embarrassed as I realized what I was doing.

I was reminded of this as I participated in David Warlick’s Fireside Chat for the K-12 Online Conference on Tuesday evening. As a newbie I found this a really incredible experience. But the chat was distracting. There were only a few times when it seemed related to what David was saying. Maybe I am simply a poor multi-tasker. But I really don’t see the value of that format. It seems like a high tech version of someone chatting in the back of the room.

A better format for me was the chat room that David set up for the original keynote. I watched the video first and then jumped into the chat. And didn’t feel like ‘shushing’ anyone!

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2 Responses to “Shushing the teachers…”

  1. diane said

    Hi, Mrs. Vance!

    “Met” you in twitter and came by to visit your blog.

    I’m a teacher/librarian, and I feel your pain…very few teachers in my district express ANY interest in techtools, but I perform the customary “librarian magic”, finding them the resources they need, and I have had a few converts.

    Shushing is the stereotype and the reality, both with students and staff. Some individuals just don’t understand when chat is appropriate (it’s more socially acceptable when it takes place on a laptop, I guess).

    Are you going to NECC in June? I’ve already informed my husband that I’m going, with or without him (probably with!). My district is small and has budget issues, so this will be totally self-financed. I’m as excited as a kid waiting for Christmas!

  2. MrsVance said

    Hi Diane, Thanks for visiting!

    I really shouldn’t complain about my teachers. The report cards have been a big hit. Even the teachers who were really stressed at the thought of using the computer to do their grades are now gushing about how easy it has been. Although, we are not finished yet either! When one or two finally get something – or when someone finally tries a tool that I recommended – it makes it all worth while.

    I am in the same boat with NECC. It is possible there will be money but I won’t know for sure until Spring. I don’t want to leave it to chance. And San Antonio sounds like a good place for a vacation. Depending on what else comes up for that date my husband and son will probably also be going.

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