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Eliminating the Middleman

Posted by MrsVance on October 16, 2007

One refrain that seems to be surfacing in many of the K12 Online Conference discussions seems to be – how do we get other people involved – parents, (other)teachers, administration…

Sometimes the best place to start is with the students. Last year I despaired of interesting the teachers in learning about Inspiration and incorporating it into their lessons. Finally, I took a few days of computer time to teach the students how to use the program and had them create a project about anything they wanted. Most chose to showcase some rap star or another. Which on the surface was a bad thing. But as we progressed turned into a very good thing. Because they wanted to learn how to embed video and audio and links to websites. And because they were motivated, they pushed themselves to learn how to do these things. And they taught one another how to do these things. And they were proud of their finished product and wanted to show their other teachers what they had created.

When the teachers saw the finished work they became excited about Inspiration and asked the students to show them the program. Within just a few weeks two teachers had assigned Inspiration projects. By the end of the year it was just another tool in their arsenal. Over the summer two additional teachers took a class to learn more about how to use Inspiration in the classroom.

Granted not everyone has this kind of access to students and their time. But if you get the opportunity, see what can happen if you start with the students.

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