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Memorization: Lost Art or Useless Skill?

Posted by MrsVance on March 10, 2008

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Recently I began a graduate program in Education. In the next few weeks I will begin a project investiging the following question…

In a world in which students have ubiquitous access to computing power and connectivity/bandwidth is it redundant for students to memorize any information? Or in such an environment is memorization even more necessary so that students can compare (and thus validate) what they find on the WWW and beyond?

I could really use some feedback on the structure of this question as well as links to any well reasoned arguments on either side.

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2 Responses to “Memorization: Lost Art or Useless Skill?”

  1. Mrs. Vance,

    This question reminds me of some recent reading that I’ve done. Howard Gardner’s recent book, Five Minds for the Future, discusses the needs for disciplined, creative, and synthesizing information. Interesting remembering information isn’t amoung the items needed for the future according to Gardner.

    Just a quick comment

  2. Information is every where and very easy accessible. So remembering won’t be necessary. But knowing where to find the information and the skill of seeing the good from the bad and knowing how to find other sources so that the information that is found can be checked if it i good information.

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