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NECC – Creating Live TV

Posted by MrsVance on June 30, 2008

NECC – Creating Live TV for the Classroom for Global Audiences
by Will Richardson

UStream is one option
Poll/CoHost/Twitter tabs
Vids can be saved and posted to YouTube etc. accessed from UStream
Channels can be password protected.
Somewhat more advanced interface – handles multiple channels well
Can create a storyboard libraries
Has PRO version that is even more advanced.
Vids can be saved and posted to YouTube etc. accessed from UStream

David Jakes – How some schools are using these products

  1. How does the technology extend the learning experience.
  2. MST portal Wendy Smith – class investigating stream ecology – presenting findings on UStream
  3. Class presenting science projects (9th grade?)
  4. Interview of kids and how they are using technology – chat room – took questions from ‘audience’
  5. Digital Citizenship talk for students – multi-state
  6. Professional Development
  7. Interaction between teachers and parents
  8. students writing a play and then perform and broadcast

Ewan McIntosh – why streaming instead of record and upload

  1. asynchronous – lots of control – can take time to care about what final product looks like
  2. But takes lots of time
  3. Can have unscripted discussions with people
  4. Can build sense of ‘other-ness’ – Change balance of what news is viewed and consumed – for selves and students
  5. Can get people talking about issues that matter

Steve Dembo- what is the state of the technology – brand new – mobile live streaming from cell phones

  1. Some websites let you do the same kinds of things via mobile
  2. – PC only – can be kind of clunky
  3. – also allows you to save and embed – sends out an automatic tweet – can send to mogulus – a little choppier and delayed than cometnow

Can project certain parts of the screen on the channel – CamTwist and Split Cam

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NECC – Digital Storytelling

Posted by MrsVance on June 30, 2008

NECC – Digital Storytelling with Minimal Clicks: Improving Reading and Writing Skills
by Wesley Fryer, Vicki Allen and Karen Montgomery

(my comments in parenthesis)

People have been telling stories since the caves – when we link storytelling with pictures and songs it increases memory.

Website for session

Many teachers – fear how many clicks it takes to do a project (I have a teacher who always tells me- You know Kim, this is sure a lot of steps…)

Five Visual Images to tell a story…

  1. Came from the idea of wanting to do something with Flickr
  2. Flickr group “Tell a Story with 5 Photos for Educators”
  3. Could be in another service or product

Live in media-centric society

Voice Thread – all stories are private by default. – allows for comment moderation

Need to use these tools in our own lives.

Another good example of storytelling Celebrate Oklahoma – also can help skeptics to appreciate technology use.

Tips & Tricks for PD
How to get colleagues excited/ready to do this
Have a voice thread set up – have a script – ask teachers to come up one at a time to make a comment.
When aksing teachers take pictures to use – as an opening activity ask them to take 1 serious pic and one silly pic – then have them print out and use as name tent. Gets technical problems with the cameras out of the way before the session really starts.
Have them sign up for service before the session.
If you can collaborate with other sites – might engender some competition and will beef up content.

M/B do a private voice thread as a gift for mother, father, grandparents.

(From the description of this session I was expecting more about how to actually use Voice Thread – not so much time spent on creating the argument for why it is important.)

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EdubloggerCon – Digital Storytelling

Posted by MrsVance on June 28, 2008

EdubloggerCon Breakout session two – Digital Storytelling as THE Disruptive Change Agent for the 21st Century Learning Revolution

facilitated by Wesley Fryer

Oklahoma Voices has a focus on veterans.

Need to help teachers get practice making digital stories themselves so they can then do digital stories with others.

Could begin with videoing a speaker that is already coming into the school. Ask “Can I non-commercially record and share your story on the internet?”

Must train the students (and teachers) about how to interview – PBS has a learning package about this – DVD – Ken Burns talking about the documentary film making experience. Contact local PBS station to see if we can get more information about this.

Good resource – any book on geneology – lists of good open ended questions – how to elicit the story from the interviewee.

Share with the school board – local rotary club etc.

Seesmic (child of twitter and YouTube)

Use Creative Commons Licensing.

Big power in state-wide initiatives like Oklahoma Voices – provides credibility for project in case of adversity from administration board etc.

Additional resources here

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Model Schools Conference

Posted by MrsVance on June 28, 2008

This has been a very busy summer so far. Minor surgery, family vacation, Model Schools Conference and now NECC. Before I get too far away from it and don’t feel like writing it, I want to say something about the Model Schools Conference.

This was my first year to attend and it was very impressive. I was familiar with the Rigor and Relevance framework, but this was an opportunity to really delve into what it might mean in my classroom practice.

If it is possible to distill such a conference into a few thoughts here they are:

  1. We have the responsibility to insist on a rigorous curriculum for all of our students.
  2. Many of our students have no interest in participating in a more rigorous curriculum.
  3. Our students will participate in a more rigorous curriculum if they find it personally relevant.
  4. We must develop relationships with our students in order to know what they find personally relevant.
  5. We must also help our students to develop aspirations for their futures.
  6. Aspirations = having dreams for the future while being inspired in the present to work to achieve those dreams.

Next week I will take some time to really think about what I am going to do differently this year. For now I know that I will be contacting my students this summer to begin establishing the relationships that will allow me to plan for rigor that my students will find relevant.

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The Google Apps – Edublogger Breakout Session

Posted by MrsVance on June 28, 2008

Facilitated by Kevin Jarrett

Project w/ grade 8 – sludge test – have google apps team edition – really designed for businesses – where individuals already have email accounts. Kevin used his own domain and created dummy emails for his students – students never accessed these emails. Students took to it very well.

Probably better to use Education Edition – allows import of student lists – more administrative control.

Ideas – scripts, student newspapers, any kind of paper – online grading

google teacher academy resources

Resource about setting up educational spaces vs. social spaces – danah boyd (spelling??)
Connie Sitterly – Pencrest – (spelling??) Doing entire district – good example

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Why I Can’t Read…

Posted by MrsVance on June 8, 2008


I grew up reading anything and everything. When I was about seven I was hospitalized for appendicitis. After spending a few hours reading all of the signs I could get my eyes on, I finally thought to ask for books. Just imagine, sick child, worthy request, my library was stocked for the next several years.

Mostly I read fiction. The Bobbsey Twins, Nancy Drew, Little House on the Prairie, Jane Eyre. And many many that I will never remember.

The characters in these books were as real to me as any person. I gladly gave up sleep and play to spend time in their company. While current day all night reading sprees are very few and far between, I still love a good story.

But I fear this early and extensive immersion in fiction has left me with an impaired ability to read non-fiction critically. The willing suspension of disbelief that is so necessary to the enjoyment of fiction is a handicap when reading non-fiction. I am working to develop a more robust ability to read critically.

I wonder what this insight should mean for my teaching. For my sixth grade reading students I should probably encourage more non-fiction reading. Does anyone else have this problem, and how do you handle it?

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