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The Google Apps – Edublogger Breakout Session

Posted by MrsVance on June 28, 2008

Facilitated by Kevin Jarrett

Project w/ grade 8 – sludge test – have google apps team edition – really designed for businesses – where individuals already have email accounts. Kevin used his own domain and created dummy emails for his students – students never accessed these emails. Students took to it very well.

Probably better to use Education Edition – allows import of student lists – more administrative control.

Ideas – scripts, student newspapers, any kind of paper – online grading

google teacher academy resources

Resource about setting up educational spaces vs. social spaces – danah boyd (spelling??)
Connie Sitterly – Pencrest – (spelling??) Doing entire district – good example

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One Response to “The Google Apps – Edublogger Breakout Session”

  1. Hello! Thanks for attending my session! Here is the wiki with a recording of the UStream and lots of other resources!

    Enjoy the rest of the conference!


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