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NECC – Creating Live TV

Posted by MrsVance on June 30, 2008

NECC – Creating Live TV for the Classroom for Global Audiences
by Will Richardson

UStream is one option
Poll/CoHost/Twitter tabs
Vids can be saved and posted to YouTube etc. accessed from UStream
Channels can be password protected.
Somewhat more advanced interface – handles multiple channels well
Can create a storyboard libraries
Has PRO version that is even more advanced.
Vids can be saved and posted to YouTube etc. accessed from UStream

David Jakes – How some schools are using these products

  1. How does the technology extend the learning experience.
  2. MST portal Wendy Smith – class investigating stream ecology – presenting findings on UStream
  3. Class presenting science projects (9th grade?)
  4. Interview of kids and how they are using technology – chat room – took questions from ‘audience’
  5. Digital Citizenship talk for students – multi-state
  6. Professional Development
  7. Interaction between teachers and parents
  8. students writing a play and then perform and broadcast

Ewan McIntosh – why streaming instead of record and upload

  1. asynchronous – lots of control – can take time to care about what final product looks like
  2. But takes lots of time
  3. Can have unscripted discussions with people
  4. Can build sense of ‘other-ness’ – Change balance of what news is viewed and consumed – for selves and students
  5. Can get people talking about issues that matter

Steve Dembo- what is the state of the technology – brand new – mobile live streaming from cell phones

  1. Some websites let you do the same kinds of things via mobile
  2. – PC only – can be kind of clunky
  3. – also allows you to save and embed – sends out an automatic tweet – can send to mogulus – a little choppier and delayed than cometnow

Can project certain parts of the screen on the channel – CamTwist and Split Cam

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2 Responses to “NECC – Creating Live TV”

  1. Tim said

    Thanks for sharing about this session with us. Do you know if the audio or video of the session is available?

    I’ve just begun to use ustream to stream classes for online students. You can read about my first adventure here:

    If you have ideas or suggestions I would love to hear back.


  2. MrsVance said

    Hi Tim,

    It was a good session. A copy can be found at . Good luck with your efforts.

    Kim Vance

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