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NECC – Digital Storytelling

Posted by MrsVance on June 30, 2008

NECC – Digital Storytelling with Minimal Clicks: Improving Reading and Writing Skills
by Wesley Fryer, Vicki Allen and Karen Montgomery

(my comments in parenthesis)

People have been telling stories since the caves – when we link storytelling with pictures and songs it increases memory.

Website for session

Many teachers – fear how many clicks it takes to do a project (I have a teacher who always tells me- You know Kim, this is sure a lot of steps…)

Five Visual Images to tell a story…

  1. Came from the idea of wanting to do something with Flickr
  2. Flickr group “Tell a Story with 5 Photos for Educators”
  3. Could be in another service or product

Live in media-centric society

Voice Thread – all stories are private by default. – allows for comment moderation

Need to use these tools in our own lives.

Another good example of storytelling Celebrate Oklahoma – also can help skeptics to appreciate technology use.

Tips & Tricks for PD
How to get colleagues excited/ready to do this
Have a voice thread set up – have a script – ask teachers to come up one at a time to make a comment.
When aksing teachers take pictures to use – as an opening activity ask them to take 1 serious pic and one silly pic – then have them print out and use as name tent. Gets technical problems with the cameras out of the way before the session really starts.
Have them sign up for service before the session.
If you can collaborate with other sites – might engender some competition and will beef up content.

M/B do a private voice thread as a gift for mother, father, grandparents.

(From the description of this session I was expecting more about how to actually use Voice Thread – not so much time spent on creating the argument for why it is important.)


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