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NECC – Powerful Learning Practice

Posted by MrsVance on July 1, 2008

NECC – Powerful Learning Practice: Creating Online Communities for Professional Development
by Will Richardson and Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach

Challenging time to figure out the best ways to do things for ourselves and for our students. – What does it mean to be a networked learner. When she needed to decide how to distribute the things that she collected she asked her readers.

New technologies are being driven by our kids -they are pushing them to the limit. Analogy – bus careening widely down the road – kids in front driving – adults in the back of the bus – how do we get from the back of the bus to at least sitting next to the kids driving so we can at least give advice etc.

Here Comes Everybody
Clay Shirky

Schools should have as a goal that students will be able to (SWBAT) learn personal learning networks. Easy to create and use the tools. What is hard is understanding what happens after you create the blog/wiki/podcast.

The power of these tools is not in learning to use the tools – but support a longer term immersion in the tools.

What is community – any group working toward a common goal – safe, learning, neighbors, interaction – mutual accountability – common interests, impact may be positive or negative. wikipedia

Much of the learning on the internet is self-motivated – so how do we encourage teachers to be motivated, to have the courage to reach out.

Emergent Design Model (need to get a copy of this)

Trying to get away from the models of teachers being behind 4 walls in isolation

Characteristics of a healthy community (need to get a copy of this)

Pilot in Alabama – 20 schools – teams of 5 – could meet f2f, synchronously and asynchronously – designed to draw in lurkers. – in business week – dept of education became involved.

What is the scaling framework that allows you to take a small initiative and transfer it – scale it.

Begin w/ 2 f2f workshops
Webinars – might use Elluminate
Virtual learning community
Local, job embedded groups
End w/ f2f meeting to celebrate and announce success.

Seek schools willing to invest time in exploring the challenge of 21st century learning
Include some experts – fellows
Each school should identify small team to participate.
Goal of scaling-up in each school.

At the beginning of the project have teachers identify where they are on the developmental continuum from ‘Know Nothing’ to ‘Know Everything’

100 – 120 people ideal to make a real difference.

What about the parents – must get buy-in – can create a ‘lite’ version that is for the parents.

handouts will be on NECC site

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