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NECC – Prevent Powerpoint Poisoning

Posted by MrsVance on July 1, 2008

NECC – Prevent PowerPoint Poisoning with Engaging Project Starters and Sidekicks
by Annette Lamb and Larry Johnson

Can use any of their materials from the website.

Don’t just assign ‘do a powerpoint’ – must be more specific – such as compare and contrast – ie higer level thinking skills –

Danger Signs – laminated lesson plans – business thinking – google, copy, paste

Powerpoint – 2 spaces – 1 space – learning space – the layout, design, speaker notes space.

Example: give an old picture – in the speaker notes write the instructions for the assignment – have them make up a story about the characters in the picture, then add speech bubbles and some audio to go with the story they have created, place background information in speakers notes.

More ideas – using speech bubbles – create a dialogue between historical figures – react to peer pressure – compare science image to a student project – solve an architect’s geometry dilemma – brainstorm characters, plot, setting

Give them starter photos then if they have time allow them to find more pictures – prevents them from wasting so much time.

Create some simple templates so it is very clear what they are supposed to do and where, esp for the primary grades.

Image starters vs. textual starters – wikimedia commons – select, delete organize – categorize, compare, sequence

Other image resources:

Make sure you re-look at this page – ‘Explore Sidekicks Across the Curriculum’ – – many examples of using PowerPoint across the curriculum

Main point – you will often want to create a starting place in PowerPoint – many students are intimidated by the blank page – many waste time on non-essential activities like searching for pics or changing the font – both problems can be avoided by having some beginning place – this does not restrict more advanced students, they can still go beyond what has been provided in the starter.

Use guidebooks – try allows you to search for info about animals in your zip code.

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