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NECC – What Effective Computer-Using Teachers Know

Posted by MrsVance on July 1, 2008

NECC – What Effective Computer-Using Teachers Know about Teaching: An International Perspective
by Geoff Powell, Peter Skillen and Gary Stager

GS – idea of being able to use computers to do know and learn things that we could not do know and learn before.

GS – Some teachers are simply not effective teachers.

More info at

GP – Good teachers scare kids sometimes – ie – not afraid to do things – not just technology – media making the culture of fear more pervasive

examples of good work –

PS – YMCA started HS – Authenticity – Students and teachers as co-investigators – modeling – zone pf proximal development – socio-constructivist – google Earth project – Peace on Earth Project – zoom to a place, for instance Bejing – Artwork, music, video and commentary inserted into placemark related to art from China – another example – Italy – info about baroque music as related to performing inner peace. – This was very authentic for this group, YMCA focuses on peace.

GS – teachers should be qualified to work in summer camp – these folks know how to be w/ children – value what it is that children are about.

GP – Power of location – we will pay obscene amounts of money to be in a certain locations – relation to classrooms – rows – laptops and wireless networks expand the location options – when you do wireless don’t forget outside – if students are in an odd spot they will email him to let him know where they are located – While we are debating how much access our kids have to technology many places do not even have enough books – OLPC!!! – no matter where you are you do the best you can, don’t get depressed or distracted by what you do not have.

PS – challenge to get kids to do better research – challenge kids to come up with a driving question that is ‘fat’ rather than ‘skinny’ – had kids make a blog around a driving question – took several iterations to develop good driving question

GS – Good at craft and theory / art and science – most educational problems have been around for a long time and have been solved already

GP – Great teachers love kids – moderate your behavior according to cultural norms

PS – Harm Reduction – take kids who have issues, diction issues, tardiness issues etc. – take these kids into a counseling situation until they slowly begin to change – non-judgmental, not threatening

GS – expertise made transparent to the students – thinking out loud

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