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Teaching Typing

Posted by MrsVance on October 14, 2008


I am really tired of teaching typing in my computer lab class. This year I started all classes from third through eighth on typing. Third, fourth and fifth will continue with typing until mid-year. The middle school will move on at the end of this first quarter.

This is by far the longest I have stayed on typing with the middle school. But every time I talked with my students (or others) who had moved on to high school about what tech skills they really needed when they got to high school, EVERYONE mentioned typing skills.

I spend most of my time during typing lessons walking around the lab, watching the students type, praising good technique and haranguing the students to use the home row keys. I get on my own nerves most days. Imagine my surprise today as I was effusively praising one student and the young man on my left pipes in with, “And what about me!”

It made me think.


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