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The Trouble with Black Boys – – by Pedro A. Noguera / Education Rights / In Motion Magazine

Posted by MrsVance on January 6, 2009

I am not quite finished reading this. And when I finish I am going to need to re-read and digest it. This is a fascinating look at a real problem that schools/society does not seem to be adequately addressing.

The Trouble with Black Boys – – by Pedro A. Noguera / Education Rights / In Motion Magazine

The effects of growing up in poverty, particularly for children raised in socially isolated, economically depressed urban areas, warrants greater concern, especially given that one out of every three Black children is raised in a poor household.(20) Here the evidence is clear that the risks faced by children, particularly African American males, in terms of health, welfare, and education, are substantially greater.(21) A recent longitudinal study on the development of children whose mothers used drugs (particularly crack cocaine) during pregnancy found that when compared to children residing in similar neighborhoods from similar socio-economic backgrounds, the children in the sample showed no greater evidence of long term negative effects. This is not because the incidence of physical and cognitive problems among the sample was not high, but because it was equally high for the control group. The stunned researchers, who fully expected to observe noticeable differences between the two groups, were compelled to conclude that the harmful effects of living within an impoverished inner-city environment outweighed the damage inflicted by early exposure to drugs.(22)

I have seen a similar observation elsewhere – Berkley researchers are using EEG technology to document this phenomenon.

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